Finding a happy medium in all the information out there

The purpose of my blog is to get all of my thoughts organized so that they are accessible to anyone who is looking for support in making a lifestyle change. I LOVE learning new things and trying to make it all work for our family.
I started this journey little by little and I like to think that we are pretty balanced in how we live. We are not extreme in our lifestyle, rather, we find that middle ground in our eating, spending, etc.
After I began to see the benefits of taking a good quality vitamin, I also was paying close attention to the quality of our food. The information was out there and I wanted to do the best I could for our family. We watched the documentary Food Inc. and my husband and I were appalled. We were your average Americans that were completely oblivious to how our food is grown and processed to serve for human consumption. That was a huge wake-up call and, being new parents at the time, I knew we could never look back. The foods we ate needed to get better.
Now if you are like us, you don’t have the money to just revamp your entire pantry. We had to start small. Avoid using a lot of processed food, buy organic fruits and veggies, avoid poor-quality meats like Tyson and Smithfield(shown on Food Inc.).
As I had said, this was only the beginning of our journey. In other posts I explain how to make this easier. Do the best you can with what you have and make goals for yourself to make changes as you go. I am here to help!


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