My weight loss story

Yes! I DID lose weight. But I want to paint a picture for you so that you can see the paths I took and to discover what has worked for me. Maybe you will see some things that we may have in common 🙂

My largest was a size 14 before my oldest son was born. I would not say we had a clue on what healthy eating looked like. I learned to eat low fat foods, and, watching what I ate included counting calories and portion control. I was exercising regularly and I was teaching music so I was practically doing aerobics all day long!  My breakfast, lunch and dinners were all processed in some way, shape or form; most of the time they were freezer meals or salads. I know that I thought I was eating well and I was exercising so I was in good health(even though the pounds had crept up over my college years). My weight was consistent and nothing was changing so I figured this was just the size and shape I was meant to be as an adult. I didn’t look bad so I was ok with how I looked.

My first pregnancy was overall really good. I did not have any complications, my blood pressure is naturally low so that was never a concern. I was reading all of the baby books on what to eat and what not to eat and I remember thinking, “what would I eat if I give up that food?”. My mentality on food was so different back then and when I look at pictures, I really was swollen from the sodium I was still eating.  My weight actually remained about the same because I did have that extra weight that could transfer into my baby body. I was doing great(in my opinion at the time….hindsight is always 20/20). My allergies, acid reflux and asthma were my only issues. My entire childhood I was battling with allergies and asthma so I really did not think this was something I could do anything about other than take my medicines that the doctor suggested. My pregnancy definitely made the symptoms more pronounced and I was back to using my nebulizer regularly for my asthma attacks and taking Claritin daily for my allergies. If the allergies got worse I was just miserable. It wasn’t worth putting any more medicine in my body when I didn’t know how it would affect my unborn child(I discovered later that I COULD regulate my symptoms through supplements!).

FAST-FORWARD….My son was born and I was nursing. Everything was going great and I was losing weight! What?! I was so excited!! My pants size was down to a 12 and I was loving it. I was reading more and more ideas about feeding my son fresh fruits and veggies and how to make homemade baby food and keeping sodium out of his diet. My husband and I were still eating our usual meals at that point. Then when Ethan was about 1 year old, I started thinking about getting multi-vitamins(I had been on the prenatal vitamins prescribed by my OBGYN)for us to take and a friend recommended that I look at Shaklee vitamins. I had been using their Basic H2 around the house and never even looked into the company! I had no idea they sold other products and was just lucky to have a great resource to find out about a vitamin. In the process I learned what amazing products they carry and decided to join the company as a distributor and we started also started using the proteins for ourselves and our son.

Little by little, we were trying to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as my son was now old enough to eat what we were eating and we were using our vitamins and proteins to replace breakfast and lunches a lot. It was helping but my weight did not change. I was so excited about feeling better and managing my allergies and asthma symptoms that again, I was not looking to lose weight.
Meanwhile, my husband was having stomach problems and I was trying to learn as much as I could to help figure out what we could do to help him feel better. I learned about lactose intolerance and I took dairy out of his diet, which seemed to help for a little bit. We discovered a documentary called Food Inc. that led me to start questioning everything we were eating. I found a book by Suzanne Somers called Sexy Forever that really helped me decide what to eat and explain how our body processes food.

My husband went in for a routine check up and his blood work came back that his cholesterol numbers were not good. They wanted to put him on a drug and I said, “NO WAY!” I had heard about lowering carbohydrates helping numbers and started researching. That is when I found Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and I read that book cover to cover as fast as I could and I never touched a piece of wheat again! It was absolutely the light bulb that I needed! My entire life I was probably intolerant to gluten because my asthma, allergies and acid reflux improved greatly! My husband’s next blood test came back normal! Wow! It is AMAZING that food can really poison your body and it is different for everyone.

My oldest son was now 3 and my second son was a newborn. I had W on December 27th and discovered Wheat Belly in January. By the spring I was now wearing a size 10 and feeling awesome! I didn’t think it could get any better than that. Being gluten free had changed my entire world AND it stopped me from eating a lot of the junk foods I was eating previously.

A few months after being gluten free I knew that I was having a hard time avoiding the sugar. My blood work from my amazing doctor suggested that I needed to fast from sugar and starches to bring my yeast level down. A few months later I could not stop eating sugar. I knew something wasn’t right but I had no other problems. I was feeling great other than the sugar cravings but my Mom suggested that maybe I was pregnant. Remember, I was feeling great, I looked great and my only symptom was craving sugar. Also, my husband was TDY for several months and we only visited him twice so there was NO WAY! Well… happened. My son was 7 months old when we conceived our beautiful baby girl(4th of July weekend). I had that blood work done a couple of weeks before we went so my yeast levels were already high and then I was carrying a child. I didn’t stand a chance to stop eating that sugar! I also was used to not having a menstrual cycle from nursing my infant. I mention this because I never had any symptoms of being pregnant. This was amazing to me! With both of my sons I had the normal symptoms and went through periods of my pregnancy where I was extremely tired. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter we were already 18 weeks pregnant! We knew it was a girl the same day we found out we were having another child! Luckily, I was already taking care of myself(minus all the sugar. Lol).

That brings me to my most recent discovery! I already had all of the puzzle pieces and stumbled upon a concept of other common food intolerances. I knew dairy and wheat were a problem so I wanted to try it out. The book is called The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds in Just 7 Days by JJ Virgin. I was not looking to change myself but I am always reading and getting new ideas. If there is a logical explanation out there, I want to hear it. I may not always adopt it, but I am willing to read about it. You never know when you might learn something new and valuable! So, I had received an email from Brendan Buchard advertising JJ’s new book because I was on his mailing list.

I read through and figured out meals that we COULD eat. This meant we were eliminating wheat, corn, soy, dairy, peanuts, eggs and sugar. Some of my staples being gluten free included tortilla chips, snacks where peanuts and peanut butter were added and we eat eggs a lot so this was challenging!

By day 7 I had lost the 7 pounds as promised but what made a bigger impact to me was the INCHES that were lost! My body had detoxed the inflammation that I was still holding on to. The removal of the wheat had changed my body in so many ways. My cellulite was gone from my thighs and butt areas and that was already so amazing but by day 14 on The Virgin Diet I had lost 2 inches from my waist and thighs. To date, that weight is still gone.

YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Once you adopt a mentality that you are hurting yourself when you eat these foods, you will have a little bit more will power to avoid eating them.

As I type this, I am actually on a bender of falling into the habit of eating chips and drinking coke. YIKES! I absolutely know that this is going to stop and I am going to feel better. I know that I have control of this. THAT, my friend, is the best feeling ever. To know that I let myself go off the deep end eating ice cream when I know that I can’t handle ice cream, eating salty fries, and drinking Coke every night. I will always be completely honest with you. I am not perfect and I mess up too. But I KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!

AWESOME! It is a great feeling to know that you know what you did to feel yucky and you can make yourself feel better 🙂 I am totally over feeling like this and I ask you to join me in being over feeling like crap!! Join me in detoxing the junk out of your system and knowing what works for you! You will not need those foods that are hurting your body because you will have new favorite meals to eat and I will also try to give you substitutes for your favorite foods so that you don’t miss them too much 🙂


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