Eliminating the offending foods

The first thing I want you to do is STOP COUNTING CALORIES! I am not saying that you should eat 5,000 calories a day, but I already know that if you are trying to lose weight or “eat healthy” you are probably trying to keep your food intake at more like 1,000 calories a day. Stop starving yourself and start looking at WHAT you are eating.

“Your body is not a bank account or a calorimeter. It is a chemistry lab. Eating the wrong foods affects your body’s chemistry. Stress and lifestyle changes affect your body’s chemistry. So, if you want to get that extra weight off, you have to heal your body’s chemistry.” From JJ Virgin’s The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lost 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days

When I read Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD, he gives example after example of how we look today versus how things used to be. He explained that we really aren’t eating differently now but we are all gaining weight and have more and more health issues. The foods have changed. The ways that our foods are being grown and produced have changed. The technologies that have been discovered to produce more and cut costs are at the expense of the public’s health. Unfortunately, according to Dr. Davis, the wheat that is being grown has not been “genetically modified” so whether is it organic or conventional(grown with pesticides), ALL WHEAT PRODUCTS will hurt your gut. Some of us can handle it better that others or at least we think our bodies aren’t feeling the affects. The ways that food affects us, can be very different. There are huge lists of symptoms that could be a result of foods that your body can’t process.

The Wheat Belly book had me convinced that I did not WANT to eat anything with gluten and my husband needed to stop eating it to lower his cholesterol numbers. So, we took the plunge because there was no reason not to try it! I can tell you that it was definitely a learning experience that I hope to help you through! Another part of this journey is understanding that you are addicted to certain foods. It is just part of how our body processes things. Sugar and gluten are just as much of an addiction as nicotine or alcohol. There are withdrawal symptoms that come with taking wheat out of your system. You will crave those crackers and the bread! That is all the more reason to avoid it….you.are.addicted!
There is a withdrawal process and as your body detoxes you will probably not feel well, but keep going! I promise, your body needs to pass all of the toxins at a cellular level. Your body has been holding on to toxins for so long and when they are released, your body will change shape. Just remember that when you are feeling a little under the weather.

Both authors of these books have lots of great information and I highly recommend reading their books. They also have cookbooks available!


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