What NOT to eat!


Despite what the food companies want you to believe, being gluten free is not a fad and it is NOT UNhealthy. Quite the opposite. You are NOT eliminating all carbohydrates from your system, you are just eliminating one particular food. Now, if we just stopped eating bread that will not change your exposure to wheat. The first thing you need to do is start reading labels. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT FAT AND CALORIES! Read the INGREDIENTS! Start to learn what is in your foods. The more you can eat whole foods, the better! Wheat has been added to everything from ice cream to soups as a filler or thickener and very cheaply. People with Celiac disease will even notice the wheat added to makeup and shampoo! It is everywhere because it is so cheap to use and it does the job.

Soy products

This one is tricky because soy is not a bad thing if you get it from a good source. This is another subject that has mixed opinions. Soy has been genetically modified and if you watch some of the documentaries, you will hear about farmers who have been forced into using these genetically modified crops and neighboring crops being exposed to the patented seed and then forced into signing a contract to also grow the genetically modified soybeans.

My point is, if you use a quality soybean, it will not cause you to have cancer, high levels of estrogen or any of the other scary side effects that soy is known to cause. Look for Non-GMO labels. Again, you HAVE to read labels. I will not buy pasta sauce, for example, if it contains soybean oil. This is not the same soy as my high-quality Shaklee protein shake that I eat on a daily basis.

Splenda(artificial sweetener), Sugar and high fructose corn syrup

Always avoid artificial sweeteners! Please stop putting the chemicals in your body….think about it. This goes right back to my posts about not cleaning with chemicals. Your body can’t detox the toxins if you continue to add them to your system. That Diet Coke may not cause the disease but it is not helping your cells to repair and defend themselves.

Sugar and high fructose corn syrups should be avoided on a regular basis so that you don’t yo-yo all day long. Try to avoid the sugar so that you don’t crash an hour or two hours after you eat. There are delicious foods you CAN eat like Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries in your morning shake. Stevia is another sweetener alternative. I always buy an organic variety and mainly only use it in my morning coffee.


I know, I know, you are thinking, “If I can’t eat anything with gluten in it and now I can’t eat dairy, what’s left?” This one is a struggle for my family. We drink almond and coconut milks in our smoothies and when we need milk for cereal or a recipe. But cheese and ice cream are another story! We try to buy coconut and almond ice creams but they are so expensive! I am hoping to get an ice cream maker so that I can do this myself 🙂

So no milk or ice cream. Try to take it out of your daily routine. No yogurt, sour cream or cottage cheese either. If you want to have a little cheese, go for the hard cheese. Our bodies are not made to drink “mother’s milk” as an adult. Milk was intended for the young to drink from the mother because as a baby you need the hormones and the fats to grow. If you have noticed that you are gassy or have bowel issues, it could be that you are lactose intolerant. Once you remove dairy you will notice some amazing changes in your digestive system!

Eggs, Peanuts and Corn

JJ Virgin covers a section in her book for each of the 7 foods that I have listed in this post. She says to avoid any and all of these foods for the 21 days to detox them from your system. I did it and I know how hard it is to avoid them. Just so you know, these 7 foods are the most common food intolerances so if you feel like you have tried everything and nothing is working, then it is time for you to really look at what you are eating and put it on a calendar. Mark your 21 days and buckle down on all of the foods I have listed. Get JJ’s book and the cookbook that helps give you more food ideas. I have put our favorite recipes in this blog but they don’t necessarily avoid corn or eggs and they also may contain cheddar or parmesan cheese 🙂

I do avoid the peanuts! I don’t know exactly why, but with my mold allergies, peanuts are very likely to be covered in mold, so I avoid them. I used to grab them as a go-to snack and I really do think it made a huge difference when I stopped eating them regularly. I LOVE cashews and almond butter 🙂


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