Hormones can be managed naturally!

There are so many things that I learn about and add them into my daily routine and then I forget that everyone else doesn’t already know about them too so I wanted to share this amazing concept 🙂

Seed cycling! The idea is that RAW seeds, freshly ground, have so many amazing health benefits and if you use certain seeds at different times of your cycle, it will help to regulate your hormone levels.

The website that I learned about all of this from is http://www.dr-kristy.com/balancing-hormones-with-seed-clycling/

My daily routine includes a smoothie for either breakfast or lunch. I use a magic bullet for my smoothies. The smallest container that comes with it and the flat blade is our seed grinder. This keeps things simple for us. The regular blade is then washed and left out to dry so it is always ready to go when we are. My frozen berries are perfect for not adding sugars. These are approved for low FODMAP diet as well as almost every other book I have read on the subject of good things to not sabotage your day. You want to avoid sending your blood sugar levels on a rollercoaster so try to avoid banana, mango, pineapple, grapes and most other fruits when using

 a smoothie as a meal. If you want a sweet treat, you could add those fruits but be aware that they must be eaten in moderation. 

Also in this picture is whole flax seeds, whole raw pumpkin seeds, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, unsweetened coconut milk and my Shaklee Vitalizing protein. This is part of days 1-14. My seeds will change to sesame seeds and sunflower seeds for days 15-28.

I hope this information helps give you relief from your hormonal symptoms. It sure has helped me!


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