Lose weight by balancing hormones!

I have been reading Dr. Alan Christianson’s new book, “The Adrenal Reset Diet”. It is so great! I am really learning a lot about how the body works and that we really can have control of how our body works through our food! This is such great news! Over the last few years of reading countless books about health and nutrition(for fun! lol) I have gotten a pretty clear picture of how the body works and responds to the way we live. I am not a doctor but I get that we have to listen to our body and do our best to treat our body like a temple and try to eat the best we can whenever possible.

Some of the topics discussed in the book include toxins in our environment which is so important to me. People don’t even realize how sick they are making themselves and their families by relying on chemicals! I have been using chemical-free cleaners for a little more than 6 years now, and I cannot believe the amount of money I am saving! When I talk with people about making the switch they are so stuck on the smell of their chemicals. I cannot begin to understand this(ok I am done now….no judgement…it is truly some form of addiction). Also very important and mentioned in his book about plastics, BPA exposure and light pollution.

He also discusses stress from the pressures of life. We all feel this daily! We are constantly plugged into our technology, driving in traffic and of course, the pressures of work and family life. Dr. Christianson talks about meditation and breathing as well as other techniques to help you de-stress.

NOW on to the most important topic of the book!! FOOD. Around the same time that our world adopted the idea of cleaning with chemicals, there were chemicals being developed to “help” our food grow(debatable now). These products are now a large part of what a growing part of our society is now fighting daily by purchasing non-GMO and organic produce and responsibly grown animal products. There is a dirty dozen list that is a great place to start. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by a lot of changes at once. Study the products you are shopping for and little by little you will get a good idea of what is available in your area and in your price range.

More specifically in food, Dr. Christianson has discovered that the time of day that you eat certain TYPES of foods will balance your hormones. This was such an “ah-ha” moment for me! Basically, through a studying of a grouping of patients, he tested their hormones throughout the day and measured their levels. He discovered the morning meal should be consumed within an hour of waking up and it should be a good quality source of protein and fiber(serving of fat and 1 serving of carbs is also included). Avoid sugar and carbs! Lunch should be a quality source of protein, fat, and 2 servings of carbs; Dinner a serving of protein, fat and 3 carbs. So the most carbs at dinner! And he goes on to explain in great detail but you hopefully get the idea.

I love learning new things 🙂 Check out the book for yourself!


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