Easy Flaxseed Wrap (Gluten-Free)

Check out these flaxseed wraps! I love this! Thank you Andrea Drugay!

andrea drugay

Easy Flaxseed Wrap

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Last week, I posted my recipe for Collard Wraps, a delicious and healthy portable lunch. But I have to admit ~ as much as I LOVE my greens (and I really do), sometimes I want something… fluffier. Bread-ier. More “traditional.” Carb-ish.

We’ve been staying away from wheat and flour around here, for various reasons, and I certainly feel excellent as a result. However! I do occasionally miss a sandwich or burrito.

Well, to my excitement, I discovered this recipe for super-easy wraps made with flaxseed meal, that are the perfect stand-in for a tortilla, pita, or bread. The recipe came from the book Wheat Belly (read my Goodreads review), a very interesting new title about the development of modern wheat and why it causes…

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