Manage allergies naturally!

I have mentioned my allergies in many of my blog posts but I don’t think anyone except for people who have known me for a long time realize how bad my reactions were. When I was in first grade I was sent home from school because I could not see my work through my itchy, watery eyes. My Mom knew it was time to find a solution so she took me to our doctor. My pediatrician’s office happened to have an allergist on staff and I immediately began testing to begin allergy shots. I was taking tons of allergy medicines to try to regulate my allergies and going to the doctor’s office once a week for shots in both arms. The medicines made me hyper and I remember being miserable. I also have severe asthma triggered by my allergies and my Mom did everything she possibly could to help me. Upon the doctor’s orders we kept the windows and doors closed on our house and cars at all times to help keep the pollen out of the house and vacuum the carpets and clean the sheets regularly to keep the dust mite reactions down. I used a nebulizer(breathing machine like they use at the hospital) that I used three times a day to help me breathe comfortably. I loved being outside and getting dirty though! I played lots of sports through school and was in the band. I truly think those activities helped me with my allergies and lung capacity. I loved being active and playing outside. I can’t imagine who I would be today if I had been afraid of my disease and tried to live too much in a bubble.

I was teaching music after college and still suffering from asthma and allergies. When I got pregnant with my oldest son I was trying to use as little medication as possible to control my symptoms because they were not necessarily in the safe category for my unborn child. I did not start learning about natural supplements to help with the allergy symptoms until after my son was born and I was learning from my Shaklee friends. I started using Alfalfa which was an amazing discovery! Shaklee came out with a product called Nutriferon very soon after I started using their supplements and I was amazed at how this product changed my life. A lightbulb began to go off for me. If I was able to control my allergies better than ever in my 27 years of suffering with these symptoms, why did I think that drugs were the only solution? To date, I do not know of a way to stop an asthma attack without Albuterol HOWEVER, I have not personally had an asthma attack in several years.

Update: I no longer use Nutriferon or Albuterol. After detoxing my body from toxins I have not experienced an asthma attack or a need for allergy interventions. The only way to truly know your body is by doing food eliminations for at least 21 days(30 to 60 is preferred) and then reintroduce that food to check for reactions.

Just like most people, I learn about something and it takes me awhile before I am prepared to try it out. It is easier to try something out if you just need to take a pill and not change your lifestyle. I absolutely get that. It is how we have been trained to think about things. There is a medicine to help everything. Just pop a pill and go on your way. Please understand that I personally believe in seeing a doctor routinely and I absolutely do not think that medicine is all bad. I am referring to the mentality of our society. The more I learn, the more I know that God has given us everything we need in nature and I pray for the scientist to use all that God gave us to help people.


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