I am excited again! I have been missing part of me. I didn’t really notice it because life didn’t slow down but things had changed, a lot of it for the better, but also there was just something missing. We moved over a year ago and I was able to focus completely on my three children and my husband, which has been amazing; I wouldn’t trade that for the world. I am enjoying teaching and tutoring again which is also something that I love doing but there was a piece missing.

This blog was missing! My love and passion for writing about things that I am learning to be healthier was not happening. It took a close friend mentioning a supplement that she was trying to get me back on here! I actually didn’t even look at it the first couple of times she mentioned it to me and I finally watched a video. I was blown away by the science behind these products. I spent several weeks sneaking time to watch Dr. Joe McCord’s presentations on how his products work and just taking it all in. At this point in prior discoveries I would have called someone wanting to share this information and just threw up my excitement all over them(It is never pretty). This time, I totally kept it to myself but I was excited! I couldn’t wait to try the products and I was coming up with lists of people that could be helped after learning about these new breakthrough studies.

Fast-forward to the present and I have ordered the products, got them last Friday and have been taking them since Saturday morning. I have energy! I have patience(ok I have a lot more than I did last week!)!! I am not craving coffee! This feels amazing and I have that spark back that I was missing. So this is me also saying, welcome back to my blog! I am posting again!!


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