Tis the Season For Weight Loss!

I will be the first to admit that I have fallen off the wagon. I know where my weight should be, I know how I feel when I am eating the right foods, and I know the guilt I feel every.single.time I eat something I shouldn’t be eating.

Alright enough focus on my failings. How about we make a plan to FIX THE PROBLEM!! I prefer to be a positive person and I really don’t need to focus on my failings. I am human so I will never be perfect and I am totally OK with that. Give yourself a little grace and know that you are loved and try your best. 🙂  In the case of my eating, I made a conscious decision when I opened my mouth and inserted offensive foods. I am DONE making excuses for myself!

Time to lose the bloating, cellulite, congestion and brain fog from my life. Say what!? You can remove all of those things? Oh yes you can! If you have read my other blog posts, you may have read that I have already accomplished this before. My elimination of the 7 most common food intolerances removed 2 inches from my hips and thighs(where I wear my weight). The last time I did an elimination diet I had never done anything like it before and it was amazing! Within 14 days I had these amazing results!! Try it for yourself! Mark 21 days on your calendar and stick to it. For more information on this method click here.

When I am talking to clients about changing their diet I see many of them hit a wall mentally. Change is hard and I get it. What is your why? How do you feel right now? Do you have trouble sleeping or maybe you have headaches?

If you could be without pain from taking one pill every day but maybe you didn’t see the results right away would you still try it out?  Of course you would! Sometimes we have to give our body 30 to 90 days in order to really see results.  You are worth it! Make a change for the better in your life!

Here is my personal plan to begin in January!

Monday, January 2nd- I will be drinking smoothies again. I have been lazy and there are days that I barely eat breakfast. I used to make smoothies for my entire family and we will be getting back at it again. I will also make some gluten free muffins for my kids since it is really cold around here. I can make a big batch of muffins and warm a few every morning. For lunch I will have another smoothie or a big salad with chicken, turkey or tuna. Another great idea is to have leftovers for breakfast or lunch! If you are making a great dinner and you make enough, just reheat if you don’t have time to prep something for another meal!

Dinner ideas- this time of year, I love using my oven to help heat up the house. All summer long I avoided using the oven at all costs because our house has a hard time keeping up with the heat(I can’t wait to move….its a rental). As soon as the weather cooled off I was using our oven daily! You can make bacon in the oven, hard-boil eggs in the oven(but be careful you should find out if you can tolerate them first) and of course baking homemade muffins and breads! Yes! You can have these items!

There are recipes I have found over the years so that we don’t have to miss these foods. Pinterest is a wonderful place 🙂 Everyone has different tastes so I would highly recommend doing a search for Paleo recipes. These will be safe for a lot of ingredients you should avoid.

Simple meals are great when you are getting started! Check out ideas for foods here.




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