Day 5- Jan. 6,2017

It’s Friday!!! Woohoo! We made it. I am excited to be writing this blog and sharing my passion with others. ❤

I have my story written out on this blog. It is why I started in the first place. I love reading about nutrition and how we are made to eat foods put on this earth for our nourishment. I don’t know about anyone else, but I didn’t grow up on a farm or have any clue how our food industry worked until I started watching documentaries and reading books. It is so important to know what we are eating. I had always had the “ignorance is bliss” attitude about life in general. I was trying to eat what I thought was healthy because the box told me it was natural. The bottom line is that even the ingredients listed can be misleading. I had to change my outlook and eat real foods that weren’t coming from a box or a can. 

I just want to encourage you to have an open mind. Start small but ditched the processed foods or at least find a whole-food based convenience food(but you will pay A LOT for it). Find one day of the week for a couple hours to prep foods so you don’t have an excuse to get the junk foods. Maybe you need to look at where your time is going….could you watch your favorite  shows from the kitchen? Maybe not get sucked into Facebook or Instagram? What is wasting your valuable time? 

Don’t give up! Oh, and one more thing, if you don’t feel better or maybe you get worse fatigue or a cold, etc it is very likely that your diet is working!!!! I can’t stress this enough! Your body has to detox at the cellular level everything you have put in as fuel over the last few months or maybe even years. It is gross. The first time I ever gave up foods it was gluten. I went through MAJOR withdrawals and I remember feeling like crap and having a cold. It was a very short time and then by day 10 I was feeling great and I never looked back. You can read this many places and you won’t believe it until you experience it, but carbs and sugar are addicting and you have to detox. 

Drink lots of water. 😊 Enjoy what you CAN have like a nice coffee(no sugar) or put some fruit or lemon in the water. Maybe a hot tea is your thing? 

Find a good chocolate(70% or darker) if you miss chocolate. This works for me. My Mom hates dark chocolate so she would rather get Lily’s stevia-sweetened chocolate. 

Let me know what you are craving! I can try to give you some more ideas. 😊


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