Monday-Jan. 9, 2017

Wow this Monday has been a long time coming for me! I have been doing a little school over the break but mostly just readalouds and the occassional math lesson. Today was great! We got a lot accomplished and it was a peaceful day. 

I wanted to keep my routine simple, so I ate one of the scones with my coffee. My goal isn’t to lose weight, just to be gluten free and get the chemicals and sugar out of the house. The scones’ chocolate chips are still low in sugar and they aren’t being eaten with anything but, if I were doing THM they would be a no, no. The flour is too high in carbs.

For lunch I had an avocado with salt and pepper and a fried egg and little bit of sharp cheddar. I am starting out slow. I’m not sure if my stomach liked that much avocado! It didn’t sit well with me. Has anyone else ever felt nauseous from avocado?

For dinner we used some leftover chicken and broth I had made and threw some quonoa and rice noodles in. Threw green beans from the freezer(heated up of course) and dinnrr is covered. 



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