Sunday Jan. 8, 2017

It’s day 7. I can’t believe a week ago was NewYear’s day and we were eating pork sauerkraut. 

Today I attempted to make gluten free waffles that could be frozen and toasted throughout the week for my kids. The batter was too thick for the waffle iron and took forever to cook. It was getting too close to when we needed to leave for church so I threw chocolate chips in the batter and made scones. They baked as we got dressed and I left them in when we left but turned the oven off. They turned out as a perfect treat! I will attempt a new waffle batter another day. 

So menu for today….

Breakfast- coffee and a piece of waffle

Lunch- leftovers

Dinner- leftovers

The greatest part about making an effort to eat at home also means lots more food!  If you don’t like leftovers you may want to look into freezer meals. Make smaller portions or cut a recipe in half then use the other half of your meat for a freezer meal. 


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