Well, if crickets were out in January….

Sigh. So I have stayed with my eating habits but had to modify life a bit over the last month. I knew it was coming as we were working on moving. Then the big moving push hit and there just wasn’t enough time in the day to write. I was juggling normal daily tasks which included schooling my kiddos and trying to pack up our life. I was exhausted every day and honestly, I still am exhausted! BUT we are moved into our new house and I am trying to get back to normal. School has been great the last two days and I love the layout of our house.

So food. We have had to do some eating out which total threw a wrench in my kids’ eating chemical-free foods. Life happens. If we went to Skyline, I had a baked potato with chili and cheese. If we ran through a drive-through I had a salad with grilled chicken or a burger with no bun. I was sticking to the basics. Basically I made sure I was gluten free(I know from my past experiences that I can have trace amounts from foods touching gluten). Hopefully by now you have made it to your 21 days and you are trying to reintroduce foods. By this point, you would only want to try one food at a time and note how you feel after exposure to the food. Oh and I am still trying to FIND some of my food and hoping to dig out my nutribullet for a smoothie tomorrow. Ha!

I will post more tomorrow and try to get back to my menu over the weekend 🙂



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