Hormones can be managed naturally!

There are so many things that I learn about and add them into my daily routine and then I forget that everyone else doesn't already know about them too so I wanted to share this amazing concept 🙂 Seed cycling! The idea is that RAW seeds, freshly ground, have so many amazing health benefits and … Continue reading Hormones can be managed naturally!


What NOT to eat!

Gluten Despite what the food companies want you to believe, being gluten free is not a fad and it is NOT UNhealthy. Quite the opposite. You are NOT eliminating all carbohydrates from your system, you are just eliminating one particular food. Now, if we just stopped eating bread that will not change your exposure to … Continue reading What NOT to eat!

Finding a happy medium in all the information out there

The purpose of my blog is to get all of my thoughts organized so that they are accessible to anyone who is looking for support in making a lifestyle change. I LOVE learning new things and trying to make it all work for our family. I started this journey little by little and I like … Continue reading Finding a happy medium in all the information out there