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Manage allergies naturally!

I have mentioned my allergies in many of my blog posts but I don't think anyone except for people who have known me for a long time realize how bad my reactions were. When I was in first grade I was sent home from school because I could not see my work through my itchy, … Continue reading Manage allergies naturally!

Easy Flaxseed Wrap (Gluten-Free)

Check out these flaxseed wraps! I love this! Thank you Andrea Drugay!

andrea drugay

Easy Flaxseed Wrap

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Last week, I posted my recipe for Collard Wraps, a delicious and healthy portable lunch. But I have to admit ~ as much as I LOVE my greens (and I really do), sometimes I want something… fluffier. Bread-ier. More “traditional.” Carb-ish.

We’ve been staying away from wheat and flour around here, for various reasons, and I certainly feel excellent as a result. However! I do occasionally miss a sandwich or burrito.

Well, to my excitement, I discovered this recipe for super-easy wraps made with flaxseed meal, that are the perfect stand-in for a tortilla, pita, or bread. The recipe came from the book Wheat Belly (read my Goodreads review), a very interesting new title about the development of modern wheat and why it causes…

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Hormones can be managed naturally!

There are so many things that I learn about and add them into my daily routine and then I forget that everyone else doesn't already know about them too so I wanted to share this amazing concept 🙂 Seed cycling! The idea is that RAW seeds, freshly ground, have so many amazing health benefits and … Continue reading Hormones can be managed naturally!

“bowtie” pasta

UPDATE! Aldi's has pasta now too! Make sure you buy a brown rice and quinoa pasta. It is delicious and nutritious! My kids LOVE this meal. They devour it! Our version of this recipe no longer can be "bowtie pasta" because they don't make a gluten free "bowtie".... gluten free pasta- TJ's spiral pasta works … Continue reading “bowtie” pasta

Shopping List Ideas

Now what!? Let's eat!! Here are some must-have foods that I make sure to always have on hand. I will update this list as I think of things but NOTICE the only "gluten free" foods that I purchase are just a substitute to rice and quinoa products. We love our pasta noodles so definitely check … Continue reading Shopping List Ideas